What's going to Occur To Newspapers

Am I really the only person concerned with the future of newspapers? Many newspapers have folded recently caused by lack of advertising and readership. I don't need to look farther than my very own family to find out this trend. None of my three children sign up for a newspaper. The obtain news from television. The applies to their friends who either makes use of the TV or mobile phone devices or other gadgets to get the news.
The first place to ascertain the health in the print marketplace is their funding. Papers get nearly all of their money from advertisers. Since 2003 how much dollars received from advertising has become cut by two. On the other hand, the funds spent on on-line ads has tripled. So funding for newspapers is rapidly drying up.
A few years ago, I supplemented my retirement income by selling newspaper subscriptions to shoppers to get. The most common objection I heard was "I get my news on TV". This is sad because television news are only able to spend a few minutes or so on each story. TV choose to spend no less than 10% of the read more news show on giving us weather. The worst part with this is that for many their scientific explanations of what is going to take place and why, they're frequently wrong.
I just wish to start manufactured reading the area paper. My morning is just not complete without coffee plus the newspaper. I read it from tailgate to cab. I love the style of it around my hands (the same is true of books versus electronic products).
Stories are covered complete. I don't use a talking head telling me exactly what a TV station thinks is essential. The newspaper gives me the full story. I can decide what is vital and what will not be. Guess what else the newspaper has? No interference from commercials. The ads is there for me to read you aren't read. And, because this is election season, I don't use a lying politician giving me misinformation every ten mins.
In addition to reporters, newspapers have columnists. These writers provide us with food for thought, covering ideas and events within a unique way.
What it all comes from is talking and listening versus writing and reading. It takes more talent to write down than it does to talk. And more thought should go into the written word.
It is sad for me to view the handwriting about the wall. Newspapers will in the end disappear and turn into victims of technology. I hope I am wrong with this, however the trend is ending newsprint. I just hope it does not happen inside my lifetime.

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